A wooden toy takes a special place among the handicrafts of the Nizhny Novgorod province.  Boys made pegs for fun, and from the beginning of the 17th century wooden toys were sold at fairs.


Spoon makers gave up their business and started working on ax made toys with great interest. Thus the first matryoshka appeared in Polkh-Maidan village.


With an oval apron decorated with large bright flowers, a cape on its shoulders, berries and leaves all over the figure the Voznesenskaya doll was significantly different from the rest. Large amounts of whistles, matryoshkas, balalaikas and taratushkas.


The Matryoshka Museum was opened in the 1970s. Nikolai Shemyakov wrote that «only matryoshka helped to survive» during Soviet times in his book about the handicrafts of the region.


The VozWooden company honours traditions, explores modern requests and produces the first wooden knives inspired by popular Games and Cinematic Universes.


More than 140 enterprises of the Voznesensky district work with wood. The largest ones go to the international level and manufacture products under the official license. Toys from the region of Nizhny Novgorod are sold all over Russian and foreign sites.
Modern toys for children are no longer made with an ax and a knife. Matryoshkas, roly-polies, educational toys, cartoon and computer games characters are the result of high-tech production.
The economic potential of the Voznesensky district has increased 3 times (from 668 to 2099 million rubles) over the last 5 years. The plan is to double this rate by 2024.
VozWooden sets trends in development! For the first quarter of 2022 sales have reached 43 million rubles! This is 1/3 of the total turnover of funds of the manufacturing industries of the district for this period!


The location of the district provides additional opportunities for business development. Every year a large number of pilgrims come to Diveevo and the Sanaksar Monastery. In the Voznesensky area, about 750 thousand people get to the holy places. At the annual festival of modern wooden toys «Taratushki» we host almost 1000 guests. Some tourists pass the area on the way to the south of Russia.
The Administration of the district has several properties excellent for investments:
A two-storey building with a total area of 2378 sq.m. with the ground floor suitable for a hotel. The regional government has approved a tax break (0%) for the first 5 years and a loan at a rate of 3-5%.
A land plot with power lines with a total area of 20 hectares suitable for the construction of warehouses or manifacturing bases. There are favorable conditions such as exemption from land tax, reduction of rent and income tax.
Agricultural land with a total area of 17 hectares.


Vozwooden — is one of the main industrial production organizations of the region (43 million rubles in the first quarter of 2022)
No. 1 company in Russia in the Toy Wooden Weapons category;
— more than 120 items of LICENSED AND CERTIFIED products (wooden knives, pistols, machine guns, rifles);
more than 25 million views of promo videos on YouTube;
— constant growth and development with a small team;
— the trade volume has increased by more than 7 times over the last 3 years (from 18 million rubles in 2019 to 132 million rubles in 2021);
— is one of the major investment projects of the region on modernization of wood processing;
— the estimated production capacity will be doubled (from 18-20 thousand units per month in 2022 to 35 thousand units per month in 2024);


In the next 3 years, VozWooden will launch a new product line, build additional production areas and expand staff. We will provide the specialists of Voznesensk with modern work. The secret of high quality goods is love for what we do, and the work of local residents proves this.
We are sure that toys should grow together with children. Due to the system of modules, children will be able to complete and complicate the constructors themselves.
We are already working on a series for adults as well. You can find samples of wooden lamps with recognizable landscapes and characters at our stand.

Preserving the past, think about the future!

That is the idea we work with for the benefit of the Voznesensky District.
Please, contact us for details
Igor Tsyplakov, COO and Co-founder
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